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Why Custom Woodworking?

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Being introduced to carpentry at a young age while helping his father remodel their 1921 farmhouse was the starting point for Bens interest in woodworking. At age 17, he started working for a local carpenter installing and refinishing hardwood floors, stairs, and mantles. After his brief introduction to woodworking, he started messing around with scrap pieces of wood at home, after work, and on weekends.

When Ben finished high school, he started his first construction job for a local contractor. At home, he started building furniture and absolutely fell in love with it. Just before he turned 20 he started working for another local contractor, but this time building custom homes.  This is where he learned a much larger skill set.

Sourcing Local Materials

As Ben has continued to work on projects for clients, he’s found that finding materials locally is a passion of his. Being able to combine his love for woodworking with the beautiful materials from the pacific northwest is a dream come true. Using wood from surrounding areas is what makes his custom woodwork projects stand out.

Today, Ben builds custom homes in the mornings and designs and builds furniture in the evenings. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He hasn’t taken a day off from working in his shop since he discovered his passion for woodworking because there’s nothing he’d rather be doing.


As the owner and founder of Built By Ben Woodworking, one of the most important aspects of my job is making sure customers are happy. Fast communication, transparency, and most importantly, quality materials and construction are the staples of my business.

“I have run out of superlative words regarding your work on this table, it is gorgeous!!”
– Cheryl

“Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to find a source for the door handles.  I am very grateful that you also saved me a bundle of money. Be assured that I will pass on my good experience with you to others who may have  larger projects.”

– Gary

For custom inquiries, we set up a form with everything we need to know about your project. For general comments or questions, the contact page is going to be your spot!